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Backup Software Langmeier

Langmeier Backup is a network-compatible backup software that can copy files and complete folders
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3 June 2009

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Backup applications are highly called for modern PC users, as the incidents of data loss due to system failures, virus attacks, and other such reason have soared up considerably. PC users keep browsing through a vast pool of websites over internet to find an appropriate backup utility for their PC. Well, if you still haven’t been able to get a proficient backup tool yet, then Backup Software Langmeier 5.5 is what can serve the purpose effectively. The program definitely would make it convenient for you to securely backup your data by encrypting it, followed by storing it on a variety of storage media, network drives, or ftp servers. It also supports easy data restoration from backup folders and archives created by the program. Further, the program integrates scheduler, clean up wizard, check backup, and even lets you switch between professional and easy modes.

The Backup Software Langmeier 5.5 initially executes with easy mode and you can easily switch to professional mode, if required. The Backup data, Restore data, and Check Backup processes are equipped with wizard-driven interface, and scheduler, clean up wizard, and options are opened within a single window. With Backup data feature, you can add files, folders, or email and internet favourites for backup, or open a backup task you had stored earlier. Selecting the data for backup, you need to choose a location for storing the created backup archives and encrypted folders and finally create the backup. The data restoration process also goes step-by-step from selecting the backup folder or archives to deciding the destination and restoring the data. The backup process can even be scheduled to be carried out automatically at the specified time, and check the backup integrity. In addition, you can also clean up files from PC, and set the program to remove the historical files, and erase files from backup that’d been removed from your PC. Moreover, the utility also lets you alter configurations relating backup files, process, program behaviour, expert settings, encryption, and logging.

Using the Backup Software Langmeier 5.5 it becomes a child’s play for you to create encrypted backup for your important files and folders. The utility deserves to be rated at 4 points for its remarkable and easily operated tool-set, coupled with its overall optimum performance.

Publisher's description

Never before has it been as easy to backup data from a computer. With Langmeier Backup Software everybody can prepare secure backups! It supports ZIP compression and encryption. Any drive recognised by Windows may be used to store the backup data, including network drives, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray drives, media on a network as well as ftp-servers! Langmeier Backup allows fast and easy access to all archived files and folders, even without the backup program installed on the machine from where you wish to access the data! Files can be recovered from the backup data when required, by simply browsing or searching for them with Windows Explorer, independent of the version of Windows used. Writing a document in your Office-Program which you wish to backup every ten minutes? Or do you wish to run a backup during lunch break? Or do you want Langmeier Backup to run a quick backup before you turn your computer off? Special user requirements can be covered through different backup tasks, each can be run at a different time, it is even possible to define fixed days and times. Keep earlier versions of your files on your backup, not just the last one! If you have been working on a file for an extended period of time, it can certainly be helpful to gain access to an earlier version of this file. Whenever the file has changed, a copy will be made to the backup media; allowing you to access the latest or an earlier version of the file. This way you can access older or newer files, keeping access to older versions even after a long time. You may activate the historized backup for individual files or file types. To save storage space you can set Langmeier Backup to delete files which exceed a chosen date. With Langmeier Backup you can backup your data to a remote ftp-server. As the data will be stored at your ftp-provider and far removed from your own location, it will be safe even in case your computers and backup media burn down, are stolen or inundated.
Backup Software Langmeier
Backup Software Langmeier
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